February 2, 2017. A feature article on my collaborator Marica Petrey and our work together on "Zoey in the Snow" and Zoey and the Wind-Up Boy.

January 19, 2016. A radio interview on KALX 90.7 FM's "The Graduates."

November 2014. A review of my production of Eugène Ionesco's Rhinoceros: "TDPS's 'Rhinoceros' Stampedes Through Campus."

October 2011. A feature article on bringing Ebrahim Hussein's Kinjeketile to U.C. Berkeley: "Graduate Student Seeks Reclusive Playwright."

May 28, 2007. New York Magazine's feature on "The Stars of Tomorrow."

Aloys Zötl, “Die Königsschlange” (1867)

Aloys Zötl, “Die Königsschlange” (1867)